Dec. 12, 2017
IT Storage Features Aren’t Necessary for Surveillance
If you are overwhelmed by some IT storage features, you are not alone. Data management for large enterprises can be complicated in order to ensure data integrity. But, do you really need these extravagant features for video surveillance data? The answer is NO. These features do more harm than good…
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Dec. 4, 2017
Built-to-Surveillance-Order Products
By recognizing the custom-designed nature of surveillance projects, Rasilient’s products are built-to-surveillance-order (BTSO). This guarantees that products are optimized for performance, cost, reliability, and future growth with certified configurations for surveillance. The BTSO approach is different from the embedded Network Video Recorder (NVR). With its analog roots, the NVR’s performance…
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Nov. 27, 2017
Recording is down! Where is the repairman?
Many large recording gaps happen because the service people are too far away. Even if they show up quickly, they may not have the right parts or they may need further help from others. Distance is the problem. This issue is not easy to solve as many surveillance systems are…
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Nov. 20, 2017
Eliminating Bottlenecks in NVR and IT Storage – an Integrated Rasilient-Bosch Solution
Rasilient has released a new white paper on eliminating bottleneck in NVR and IT Storage using an integrated Rasilient-Bosch solution. This document describes the existing bottlenecks and provides a detailed solution. To read the new white paper, click the link below. Eliminating Bottlenecks with Rasilient-Bosch Solution 2017
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Nov. 14, 2017
How to Grow your Surveillance Environment
Whether you like it or not, your surveillance environment is likely to grow. More cameras with higher resolutions will be added. New analytical software will be introduced. The firmware of the cameras and the VMS (video management software) will eventually be upgraded. As a result, the network grows, new recording…
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Nov. 6, 2017
Finally, No Worries About RAID Rebuild Time!
One of the biggest concerns about using large capacity drives in video surveillance deployments is the RAID rebuild time needed to recover from a failed drive. With 8TB drives widely available, and 10TB drives becoming more common, RAID rebuild times are growing from a couple of days to up to…
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