Built for video
Tailored for integrators
Optimized for end users

Video surveillance and AI enabled security. At Rasilient, we build solutions to optimize video surveillance. We provide VMS agnostic purpose-built servers, storage systems, AI appliances, video transmission software, and consulting services that enable you to build the most cost-performance optimized video surveillance solutions.

We strive to deliver results that maximize both functionality and cost-efficiency.

Forensic-Grade Video

Rasilient enables forensic-grade IP surveillance solutions. We streamline video recording and provide ultra-high quality video, while ensuring data integrity and reliability.

No Frames Dropped

We understand the importance of capturing all video frames without recording gaps. By reducing causes of latency, we provide users with high-quality surveillance footage—no frames dropped (NFDTM).

Total Solution

All Rasilient hardware comes pre-loaded with end users’ preferred video management software. Our White Glove service delivers unparalleled support, so integrators can install well designed, plug-and-play solutions.

Innovative Platform

Our NFDCloud enables enterprises to deploy private cloud video surveillance solutions, interconnecting their branches across the world with end-to-end forensic-grade video at minimal costs and without the risk of storing this sensitive data in the public cloud.


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Today, security threats come in all shapes and sizes—all the more reason to choose a robust, reliable surveillance server and forensic-based storage solution. Rasilient systems have successfully enhanced surveillance systems operations all around the world. Here are a just a few of them: