Mar. 2, 2023
Case Study – How NFDHybrid Cloud Enabled One Integrator To Change
JBJ Resources was able to package the open platform of NFDHybrid Cloud with their choice of VMS, anti-virus software, and suite of managed services; creating the right fit for their customers. Rasilient Systems NFDHybrid Cloud is the right solution for on-premise recording with the benefits of cloud management and serviceability.…
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Feb. 2, 2023
Cloud Recording – Setting the Standard for Data Resiliency and Cybersecurity
Most of us have been there.  The sinking feeling of disgust and dread.  The shock and horror of the loss.  The frantic searching filled with hopelessness.  In an instant; precious memories and important phone numbers; our lifeline to the world, gone.  Whether by the accidental deletion, damage, or catastrophic failure;…
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Nov. 4, 2022
What is the Quality of your Recorded Video – the Missing Piece
Have you experienced annoying “stops” while watching YouTube or Netflix? People normally blame the network for these few seconds of delay. It is indeed due to lack of resources in the delivery infrastructure, which can be caused by the network, server or storage. What does this have to do with…
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Sep. 20, 2022
Navigating the Cannabis Regulations – How can the Cloud Help?
Cannabis is more than just a medicinal or leisure drug. It is big business, with a “global revenue of 22 billion dollars in 2020 and an expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 28% between 2021 and 2026,” expecting to top 134 billion dollars globally by 2026. // This…
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Aug. 24, 2022
Foundation for Your Video Surveillance: HCI vs. SDA
An IHS Markit report estimated that there will be more than one billion security cameras deployed globally by 2021. It’s no surprise that with more video surveillance, analytics, and big data comes an increased stress and importance of its foundation: servers and storage. Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) is considered a great…
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Aug. 3, 2022
How Secure is Your Cloud Providers?
Public clouds have the most advanced technologies to fight cybersecurity. As large targets, the public cloud providers still have the constant challenges to protect their environments. How secure are they? Where are the Attacks? Let us look at the famous Solarwinds hack. The hackers were able to embed their logic…
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May. 4, 2022
Can Your Cloud Avoid Verkada-type Leaked Surveillance Videos?
The single most important factor for cloud adoption of video surveillance is cybersecurity. Cloud provides convenience, but how much risk are you willing to take? Traditionally, the most security-concerned sites are disconnected from the Internet for obvious reasons. Unlike IT, video surveillance is typically managed by a third party. With…
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Oct. 8, 2021
Rasilient Announces Commitment to Global Efforts Advocating for Cybersecurity and Online Behavior Change during Cybersecurity Awareness Month
Rasilient Systems Announces Commitment to Global Efforts Advocating for Cybersecurity and Online Behavior Change during Cybersecurity Awareness Month This year’s initiative highlights the growing importance of cybersecurity and encouraging individuals and organizations to take necessary measures to stay safe and secure in an increasingly connected world Santa Clara, CA --…
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