How to Grow your Surveillance Environment

Whether you like it or not, your surveillance environment is likely to grow. More cameras with higher resolutions will be added. New analytical software will be introduced. The firmware of the cameras and the VMS (video management software) will eventually be upgraded.

As a result, the network grows, new recording and viewing servers are added, and storage needs increase.

These changes can exceed your original surveillance provisioning. Suddenly, a new bottleneck appears. You see that there are some recording gaps and the viewing is no longer smooth.

You need a surveillance solution that comes with a growth methodology; one with tools that provide full visibility. This way, a check can be done right after any changes are made (such as adding cameras and upgrading firmware). Then, actions can be taken to ensure you have a clean environment.

In an environment where video surveillance requirements are constantly changing, we help protect your investment with scalable architecture. As your needs change, more storage and processing power can be added independently to your existing storage structure without having to purchase a new system.

Combined with our patented BusyPlot long-term storage visibility, Rasilient has the methodology for a clean first installation and subsequent “health checks.”

Executing these procedures will give you an environment that grows with your changing needs.