Our Technology

Patented surveillance technology. Powerful Results.

Built for Reliability
Self-healing technologies address over 90% of drive failures, significantly reducing maintenance costs and down time.
Built for Growth
Our solutions scale easily to accommodate longer retention requirements, more cameras, increased camera resolution, and more.
Built for Endurance
Our linear stream scaling algorithm significantly reduces disk fragmentation to ensure your system’s performance will not degrade over time.
Built for Value
Our technological innovations mean our products are guaranteed to work and give the highest performance for the dollar.

Our Patented and Patent Pending Technologies

Diagnoses common challenges like low NVR compute power, lack of network bandwidth, latency, or limited storage performance to make it easier to troubleshoot and repair the issue.
Improves overall write bandwidth performance (virtually zero video frames lost at Network Video Recorders) and eliminates read latency.
Solves the video bottleneck problem and eliminates all address-locking latency due to multiple accesses to the cache.
Enables long-term, high performance by delivering inline defragmentation through our proprietary linear stream scaling algorithm.
Read Ahead®
Increases read performance significantly, while maintaining write performance for superior multi-stream operation.
Enables transmission of forensic-grade video across continents with no quality degradation using conventional wired or wireless Internet services.

Health Check Functions

Rasilient’s unique and powerful Health Check functions help system integrators further shorten deployment time. They also enable end users to monitor the health of the solution over the life of the systems. Our Health Check functions address the following issues:

How do you know your system is recording all the video?
As cameras are sensitive to low light, how do you know your system works day and night?
If your system is losing video frames, how do you know where it is dropped?
How do you know your system operates NFD year after year?

More Technologies

The Rasilient solution is a blend of unique and proprietary technologies, working together to give you the best performance in the industry.