Smart Cities

Smart Cities have positioned themselves as the answer to the challenges of modern urban life.

With the rise in adoption of high-resolution and 4K cameras, these systems are collecting more data than ever. Analytics and AI software require this footage to be retained for longer periods of time for deeper analysis to provide actionable insights, which means these types of surveillance deployments require robust and scalable storage systems to keep up with massive demands.

At Rasilient, our system design is ideal for large, multi-site deployments. All of our systems are built to be fully redundant to guard against system hardware failures, and our solutions are designed to be open platform allowing them to easily integrate with existing technology. Our commitment to no frames dropped (NFD) means there are no recording gaps and round-the-clock performance, maximizing the performance of both your surveillance system and analytics. Our video transmission technology enables Rasilient systems to collect video from all sites in a city, whether in a fixed location or mobile, using the Internet or wireless data without dropping a frame.

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