Emergency Cloud Recording Service

Emergency Cloud Recording Service

Rasilient Systems offers a Emergency Cloud Recording (ECR) service as part of our advanced RMA service.

ECR – What is it?

ECR uses the virtual resources in the cloud to significantly reduce downtime and quickly resume video recording in the event of local storage failures. Rasilient offers ECR as part of the advanced RMA service for selected recording servers by shipping with pre-configured cloud accounts and resources.

ECR is a dramatic improvement over the industry’s best RMA service, like NBD (Next Business Day), which would take days to resume video recording. With ECR, it can be minutes!

Why Should You Care?

Have you experienced drive failures that cause significant downtime? If downtime is critical, but your budget is limited for expensive failover, or disaster-recovery (DR) solutions, ECR is ideal for you. It reduces the downtime from days to minutes while you are waiting for the RMA parts replacement. With ECR, the video recording switches to the cloud during an emergency.

Single Click to Switch to Cloud Recording

For qualified VMSes, Rasilient’s ECR App in the recording servers would switch video recording to the cloud with a single click. Drastically simplifies the recovery process during downtime.