Case Study – How NFDHybrid Cloud Enabled One Integrator To Change
  • JBJ Resources was able to package the open platform of NFDHybrid Cloud with their choice of VMS, anti-virus software, and suite of managed services; creating the right fit for their customers.
  • Rasilient Systems NFDHybrid Cloud is the right solution for on-premise recording with the benefits of cloud management and serviceability.
  • Rasilient Systems NFDHybrid Cloud pay-as-you-go pricing makes it easy to create recurring revenue or bundle with other service offerings.

    Rasilient Systems sat down with one of our dealers who has seen significant growth in their business by adopting the Rasilient Systems NFDHybrid solution for their clients.  Joshua Jones is the owner of JBJ Resources.  JBJ Resources is a security integrator and cybersecurity specialist located in Arkansas.  The following is the story of how JBJ Resources has grown their business using Rasilient Systems NFDHybrid solution. 

    JBJ Resources is a staunch Vivotek house, but found they were losing out on revenue where a client needed a hybrid recording solution; an on-premise recording to ride any power or network outages while still have the benefits of cloud management and serviceability.   The Rasilient Systems NFDHybrid would allow JBJ Resources to install the Vivotek VMS, JBJ’s preferred anti-virus, and a suite of managed services; all without their customers having to pay for anything upfront.  For JBJ, they were looking for a cloud hybrid solution that would allow them to use the Vivotek VMS that their clients enjoyed, but with the flexibility of the cloud.  JBJ went to LRG, Inc.; their local rep firm that sold Vivotek to find a complementary recording system.  LRG introduced them to the Rasilient Systems NFDHybrid solution.  Rasilient Systems offers their NFDHybrid solution in a pay-as-you-go solution that JBJ Resources was able to bundle with their managed services offering, allowing their customers to have video surveillance but not require a large capital expenditure. 

    JBJ Resources has small to medium sized business (SMB) customers as well as large multi-site and regulated customers who found that the NFDHybrid solution was the right fit; from a compliance standpoint as well as from a data retention standpoint, when on-premise was too expensive and a full cloud solution lacked an onsite retention of data.  The regulated customers found that the Rasilient’s partnership with Wasabi Surveillance Cloud met all of the regulatory requirements such as Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) compliance they needed to protect the data.  Not only to protect the data in a cybersecure way, but JBJ was able to show their clients that if the customer lost connection to the cloud, JBJ would be alerted instantaneously to the network loss.  Additionally, JBJ sold their customers on Rasilient’s ability to upload delayed video, for up to five days, in a responsible and encrypted way.  Customers found they were saving money and had the confidence of offsite backups in the event of an onsite disaster. 

    Rasilient Systems cybersecurity and No Frames Dropped (NFD) technology were also a big part of why JBJ Resources went with Rasilient Systems.  JBJ’s highly regulated customers required an extra layer of cybersecurity protection, especially when moving video surveillance to the cloud.  Rasilient Systems PrivateLok technology gave JBJ’s customers peace of mind that their video surveillance data would be protected.  The patent-pending Rasilient NFD technology ensures that even if a packet was missed, the video frame was not; establishing complete video evidence. 

    JBJ Resources bundles the Rasilient NFDHybrid solution with a mixture of their own managed services and preventative maintenance support solutions; building trust with their customers.  That trust has turned into revenue.  In 2021, they had no hybrid solution; 2022 hybrid was just over 10% of the business, 2023 is expected that NFDHybrid will account for more than 30% of JBJ Resource’s recurring revenue.  They expect their full cloud solution to be 55% of their revenue and the traditional on-premise video surveillance to drop to less than 15% of their business.  The cloud has enabled JBJ Resources to grow their business, to become more profitable, and to increase the amount of trust their customers have in both their integrator and their installed systems.