Vigilant CMS

Empowering Surveillance Excellence with Vigilant CMS

Effortlessly manage, monitor, and safeguard your systems. Streamline tasks and gain insights with intuitive features, ensuring optimal performance at your fingertips.


Elevate your system management experience with Vigilant CMS – a cutting-edge solution designed for effortless control. Our intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) empowers you to manage your system with unparalleled ease, ensuring efficient operations and proactive insights

Simplify and Maximize.

Experience the power of Vigilant CMS. Where simplicity meets maximum efficiency. Streamline tasks and maximize features with our intuitive interface, ensuring seamless operations and optimal control.

Features & Benefits

24x7x365 Health Monitoring:
Gain real-time insights into your system’s health, enabling preemptive actions to maintain seamless performance.
Proactive Email Alerts:Receive immediate notifications about critical events, ensuring swift responses and minimizing potential disruptions.
Intuitive GUI with Icons:Navigate effortlessly through our GUI adorned with intuitive icons, providing a visual map of your system’s status at a glance.
Automated Log Collection:Ensure data availability and reliability with automatic collection of system logs spanning the past 10 days.
Weekly Summary Email:Stay updated with a concise, informative email every week, providing vital system metrics and insights.
RAID Stripe Table Access:Swiftly address transient errors by directly accessing the RAID stripe table, enhancing your data integrity.
System & Performance Alert:Stay informed with immediate notifications on system health and performance. Detect potential issues promptly and maintain optimal operations.
System Overload Alert:Prevent disruptions with alerts for storage overload, ensuring seamless data management.

The Vigilant CMS is a Centralized Management System designed for overseeing multiple PixelStor storage units within a network. Its primary focus lies in ensuring 24/7 surveillance health checks and delivering associated email alerts. There’s no need to sift through extraneous IT-related information such as CPU, memory, or network statistics. Vigilant CMS offers an intuitive dashboard that allows you to instantly assess video recording quality and receive alerts.

Additionally, features like patented ‘storage busy’ events and bad block management are just a click away. In the near future, Vigilant CMS will also incorporate support for all ApplianceStor servers and workstations.

Can you afford to have video recording downtime for hours?

Do you have the manpower to monitor your systems 24/7/365?

How much would it cost to scale your team to manage more cameras, higher resolutions, and an increasing number of sites?

Imagine a system that prioritizes 24/7/365 recording quality and delivers easy-to-understand emails for swift action.

Imagine a system that provides a weekly health summary.

Imagine a system that collects all PixelStor/ApplianceStor logs on a daily basis.

Imagine a system that can remotely reset your PixelStor and ApplianceStor.