Finally, No Worries About RAID Rebuild Time!

One of the biggest concerns about using large capacity drives in video surveillance deployments is the RAID rebuild time needed to recover from a failed drive. With 8TB drives widely available, and 10TB drives becoming more common, RAID rebuild times are growing from a couple of days to up to a week.

This is a real concern. Any additional drive failures during the rebuild would result in the loss of data. Many system admins have already had this terrible experience.

Despite the concern, we love large capacity drives. It reduces the system cost, which is especially critical for the competitive surveillance market.

So, is there a dilemma?

At Rasilient, we don’t think so. With our Zero Maintenance (ZM) technology, there is no need to worry. Our ZM proactive drive replacement prevents an additional drive failure from having an impact on the ongoing RAID rebuild.

Our test is simple: once the system detects a drive needs to be replaced and the ZM process has started, another drive will be intentionally failed. No lost RAID and no lost data.