Built-to-Surveillance-Order Products

By recognizing the custom-designed nature of surveillance projects, Rasilient’s products are built-to-surveillance-order (BTSO). This guarantees that products are optimized for performance, cost, reliability, and future growth with certified configurations for surveillance.

The BTSO approach is different from the embedded Network Video Recorder (NVR). With its analog roots, the NVR’s performance is typically specified by the number of channels. We see 8, 16, 32, and 64 channel products.

With ever-increasing numbers of channels, the ability to cover all of the worst cases is becoming either cost prohibitive and corner cases can potentially be overlooked.

Rasilient’s BTSO approach takes into account varying factors that affect the recording performance, such as:

•Camera brands
•Number of cameras
•Camera compression types, resolutions, frame rate, motion percentage
•VMS brand
•Retention length
•Data protection level
•Viewing and graphics requirements
•Special activities such as periodic archiving, analytics, and more

Optimizing and covering all corner cases is a challenge.

With strong surveillance knowledge, Rasilient will work with you to collect the essential project requirements. The resulting solution is custom-built, perfectly sized, optimized for cost, and Rasilient project-certified for peace of mind.