Designed for Forensic-grade Video Surveillance and AI

We set the standard for high-performance video storage. Our products are purpose-built to enhance performance and reliability in high-demand surveillance installations—meaning, whatever the deployment, you can expect optimal performance.

Features and Benefits

Built for Video
Get unmatched reliability and performance with solutions designed for the intense demands of surveillance.
Reliable Transmission
Our system allows for video recording transmission with no quality degradation over wired and/or wireless networks with bi-directional packet loss of up to 10%
Automatic Drive Repair
– Self-healing capabilities automatically repair transient drive failures without intervention by the administrator, reducing drive failure rate up to 70% and significantly cutting operational expenses, helping eliminate the risk of losing critical video.

– Patented AI algorithms keep track of each drive’s performance to accurately forecast the drive’s life expectancy to eliminate time consuming data rebuilding and the potential of unrecoverable loss of critical video from multi-drive failures.
Optional Remote Management
Our web-based, GUI-driven iKVM upgrade kit provides full remote control of server functions. Servers come pre-installed with Teamviewer to provide remote management and diagnostics, enabling swift problem resolution.
Hot Swappable Components
Servers feature up to 12 3.5″ hot-swappable disk drives and power supplies for simplified installation and maintenance.
Our systems integrate VMS, OS, enterprise-class servers and storage into a single solution, significantly reducing overall cost.

PixelStor Storage Head Unit Products

Maximum Capacity (RAW)192 TB (Without Expansion Servers)240 TB (Without Expansion Servers)
Redundant ControllersYesYes
Networking10x GbE + Optional 4x 10GbE Upgrade4x GbE + 4x 10GbE
Hard Drive TypeSASSAS
PerformanceUp to 4GbpsUp to 6Gbps

PixelStor Storage Expansion Server Products

Maximum Capacity (RAW)192 TB (Per PS312e2)2.00 PB1.8 PB
Redundant ControllersYesYesYes
Maximum Expansions per PS5012811
Hard Drive TypeSASSASSAS
Form Factor2U4U5U