Recording is down! Where is the repairman?

Many large recording gaps happen because the service people are too far away. Even if they show up quickly, they may not have the right parts or they may need further help from others.

Distance is the problem.

This issue is not easy to solve as many surveillance systems are disconnected from the internet for cybersecurity reasons. Furthermore, most enterprise surveillance systems are maintained by third-party service providers, not in-house IT staff.

Can you afford 24×7 onsite surveillance staff? Can you trust your cybersecurity system to allow your surveillance to be connected to the internet?

Rasilient’s ApplianceStor Cybersecurity option, which is available as part of the recording servers offering, allows remote secure access.

The solution takes into account all surveillance issues. It offers an “always disabled” and “100% off” remote access. Just like today’s “disconnected” setup, under any condition, the surveillance infrastructure is 100% separated from the internet. In addition, it is disabled all the time. It is only enabled by a remote VPN login.

This is a remote access solution built for surveillance. So, the third-party service people can check out the problem as fast as possible.