Video Analytics Are Growing in Popularity

Rasilient’s New ApplianceStor72 Is Designed and Optimized for Video Analytics

Because of its importance, video analytics (also known as intelligent video or deep learning technology) is rapidly becoming a requirement instead of just a feature in video surveillance solutions. Video surveillance systems – sometimes consisting of thousands of video surveillance cameras – record tremendous amounts of video data. It’s essential to have the tools and the infrastructure to not only record this data but to optimize it and produce valuable analytics.

What are Video Analytics? Motion detection is probably the best example, but video surveillance is adding more and more complex video analytic functions every year. Facial recognition, occupancy detection, people counting, loitering detection, perimeter detection, fall detection – the list of obtainable data is endless. Specialized algorithms analyze recorded video to produce information that is helpful in a variety of industry verticals – particularly in security and law enforcement. But the video gathered can also be analyzed and used in improving business management and operations as well as in studying consumer behaviors.

Obtaining reliable and meaningful video and video analytics requires a powerful infrastructure that can accommodate and analyze the large amounts of data collected. At Rasilient, we specialize in video surveillance storage and server performance for video surveillance only and no other type of data. Our products are designed for video surveillance and because they are designed with an open architecture they are Video Management Software (VMS) agnostic and can integrate seamlessly with any VMS brand.

One of Rasilient’s newest products is the ApplianceStor72 high performance VMS server that was designed and optimized for the video surveillance market supporting video analytics. The award-winning ApplianceStor72 RGPU (AS72RGPU) delivers the performance required for the most demanding megapixel installations.

The AS72RGPU is built around high performance Nvidia families of GPU, Intel Xeon Scalable CPU, ECC memory, and IO architecture all fitting in a 1U form factor. It can be used as a dedicated analytic server or as a surveillance recording and analytic server. It is used with Rasilient’s PS5000 storage to offer simultaneous surveillance recording and forensic data analytics. The AS72RGPU’s scalable architecture also allows multiple AS72 servers to work together as requirements change in the future.

Because Rasilient has committed to providing solutions specifically designed for video surveillance, we have become a leader in helping our customers collect, store, retrieve and analyze video surveillance data for any size project. By maximizing the capability to provide meaningful and reliable video analytics with products like the new AS72RGPU, we are bringing our customers to the cutting edge of video surveillance technology.