Rasilient’s Video Surveillance Storage Solutions Are VMS Agnostic

Open Architecture Is Important to Rasilient Because It’s Important to Your Business

At Rasilient, we focus on delivering network storage solutions that are designed specifically for video surveillance data. We’ve discussed in a previous blog why traditional IT storage is not an appropriate means to store video surveillance. Now we’ll share one of the most important reasons why our video surveillance storage products are superior: We are a Video Management Software (VMS) agnostic, open architecture solution.

When a business deploys a video surveillance solution, they quickly learn about its various components: video cameras, servers, storage and the VMS that will manage the cameras, monitoring and recordings. When a video surveillance system consists of dozens, hundreds – even thousands – of cameras, it must have a simple, yet sophisticated, way of managing all of those cameras and the video footage they collect. VMS products provide a streamlined way of managing this multitude of cameras and offer additional features including recording parameters, analytics, access control integration, alarms, and more.

Because we offer highly specialized storage solutions purpose-built for video surveillance, it’s imperative that our servers and appliances work with the growing number of VMS solutions on the market. It would be counterproductive to invest in video surveillance cameras and a system to support it only to find that one – or more – of the components aren’t compatible.

There are many VMS providers on the market – including Milestone, Genetec, Avigilon, and exacqVision, just to name a few. And while each has their own merits and it’s up to the end user to make the final choice as to which platform works best for their needs, it’s imperative that the chosen video surveillance storage solution works with the preferred VMS provider.

We have been proactive in working with VMS providers to make sure our products are compatible with the latest solutions on the market. In fact, we’ve gone above and beyond what is expected by becoming certified partners with Milestone and Genetec. The list of these VMS certifications continues to grow. Our products also offer support for Windows and Linux-based systems, as well.

Our ApplianceStor line of products integrates VMS and storage into a simple-to-use, high-performance video surveillance storage server solution. This is a great solution for all businesses as it can grow as the business grows. Increasing the number of video surveillance cameras is also simple with a solution like our PixelStor storage product line. Designed to excel in high-demand video surveillance installations, PixelStor provides an incredible 8x performance increase over standard IT storage systems. PixelStor also provides the scalability required for growing retention periods and increasing camera resolutions.

Because our products work with any VMS, users have the benefit of our No Frame Drop (NFD™) technology. You invest a great deal of time and expense in choosing and deploying a video surveillance system. You should be able to rely on the fact that when you need to recall important video, it will be there.

When all components work together in a VMS agnostic, open architecture environment, video surveillance performs better and is easier to expand. It is increasingly important to make sure your video surveillance solution works with your preferred VMS today, but is your video storage solution provider committed to ensuring that it will work in the future, as well?