Scalability: Why It’s Important (And One of our Top Priorities!)

One of the first topics you should ask about when researching video surveillance server and storage solutions should be about scalability.

You do not want to invest in video surveillance appliances now only to find out later that you are limited as to how many cameras you can add or whether your solution will be able to handle more powerful cameras in the future. You also want to ensure that the equipment you purchase today will still be available to add to the system a few years down the road as, oftentimes – when it comes to other manufacturers – products become discontinued and you do not have the option to add to your existing system.

The Essential Elements
At Rasilient, we focus on providing four very important elements of a video surveillance solution: storage, recording servers, application/playback servers and analytics servers.

Storage – Rasilient’s PixelStor storage products are designed to excel in high-demand video surveillance installations, giving you an incredible 8x performance increase over standard IT storage systems.

Server – Combined with our best-in-class storage products, our ApplianceStor rackmount and tower servers provide the ultimate high-performance video surveillance solution.

Viewing & Admin – Rasilient provides a premium viewing center console experience for every mission-critical surveillance project, from protecting one building with a couple of monitors to watching a whole city with a video wall of 16.
Analytics Server – Designed and optimized for the video surveillance market supporting video analytics, our analytics servers deliver the performance required for the most demanding megapixel installations.
What sets us apart – and above – other solutions on the market is that each of our four products in any enterprise installation is independently scalable.

A Lasting Solution
Let’s say we install a job for you that consists of one playback machine, one recording machine, one analytic machine and one storage server. If you need to expand your video surveillance solution after the initial four devices were installed – because, for example, you decide to add more cameras – you can add another recording server and that will accommodate the additional camera load. If you decide the storage you have is inadequate, you can expand storage by adding another storage server. If the cameras you are adding are facial recognition cameras, you can add an additional analytics server. If your security team wants more viewing stations, you can simply add more viewing stations.

Every product we have works together to provide a comprehensive solution, but each is also individually scalable which is what sets us apart from a lot of other options in the market. By providing products that are scalable individually, we give our customers a solution that will last for many years beyond those systems that limit the number of cameras or their performance.

You Have Options
If you start out with a small, 30-camera installation with a 48-terabyte server, with Rasilient products, you can literally build upon that foundation and expand it to several thousand cameras and multiple petabytes. The sky’s the limit. Large-scale video surveillance deployments don’t always start out that way. Once a business begins using video surveillance cameras they might soon learn, the more cameras the better. We have completed many, very large camera installations. In fact, one project will soon be expanding to more than 3,000 cameras!

Remember, when choosing a video surveillance solution, it’s important to make sure you have the right cameras, the right Video Management Software (VMS) and the right servers and storage. By choosing a system that is purpose built for video surveillance and offers unlimited scalability, you’ll be investing wisely in a long-term solution that serves as a good foundation to accommodate any future technology and growth.