Rasilient Systems Awarded Platinum Govies for Video Analytics and Video Surveillance Data Storage in 2018 Government Security Award Competition

SANTA CLARA, California (May 9, 2018) — Rasilient Systems Inc., the pioneer in delivering hardware platforms for AI Analytics and Forensic Surveillance, has been awarded two Platinum Govie Government Security Awards in the renowned annual competition.

The Govies – presented by 1105 Media’s Security Today Magazine at the annual ISC West security conference and tradeshow held in Las Vegas – honor outstanding government security products. An independent panel of experts from the security industry carefully select Govie winners using criteria including features, innovation, user friendliness, interoperability, quality, design, market opportunity, impact in the security industry, technical advances, and scalability.

“It’s a great honor to have our innovations recognized at the highest level in one of the top competitions in the security industry,” said Sean Chang, CEO of Rasilient Systems. “Our patented technologies and storage algorithms provide the ultimate performance and reliability in video surveillance and we are excited that those tasked with judging the best new products agree.”

Rasilient products receiving a Platinum Govie – the highest award given in the competition – are the ApplianceStor72 RGPU and the PixelStor5000/KDI5.0.

Rasilient’s new ApplianceStor72 RGPU (AS72RGPU) was awarded a Platinum Govie in the Video Analytics category. The AS72RGPU is a high-performance video surveillance analytics server with scalable CPU and GPU processing power to optimize cost-performance for each application. The AS72RGPU is built around high performance Nvidia families of GPU, Intel Xeon Scalable CPU, ECC memory, and IO architecture all fitting in a 1U form factor. It can be used as a dedicated analytic server or as a surveillance recording and analytic server. It is used with the PS5000 storage to offer simultaneous surveillance recording and forensic data analytics. The AS72RGPU’s scalable architecture also allows multiple AS72 servers to work together as requirements change in the future.

Rasilient’s PixelStor5000/KDI5.0 (PS5000/KDI5.0) won the Platinum Govie in the Video Surveillance Data Storage group. Purposely architected for video surveillance applications, the PS5000/KDI5.0 provides unified storage for forensic-grade video recording and AI analytics metadata storage. The PS5000 is known for its patented surveillance-optimized cache technology that can scale the video recording to thousands of HD cameras without dropping a single frame of video. With KDI5.0, the latest software release, the PS5000 is further tuned to efficiently store and manage ever-increasing metadata from the AI analytics servers. Furthermore, KDI5.0 introduces Proactive data protection which uses Rasilient’s AI to accurately identify the about-to-fail drive and proactively clone it. As a result, using large capacity drives is risk-free because the Proactive protection with cloning can avoid the long RAID rebuild window reducing both CAPEX and OPEX.

Rasilient is committed to providing video surveillance storage solutions that are flexible, scalable, affordable, and redundant. Small, medium, and very large deployments are supported by Rasilient’s products and technologies which have been installed worldwide to protect museums, government institutions, airports, seaports, military contractors, financial institutions, educational establishments, stadiums, and residential complexes.

If your company requires the ultimate video surveillance server and forensic storage protection at competitive prices, please contact Rasilient’s sales team at sales@rasilient.com or visit www.rasilient.com.