Milestone Certification


Performance of the AS85 and PS5000 NFD systems solutions from Rasilient Systems Inc. integrated with the Milestone XProtect VMS was highly impressive. The solution supported a total of 260MBps of disk throughput, and over 2Gbps of network bandwidth from the 1000 cameras in the test system.

The NFD systems also exceeded expectations by not dropping a single frame of video during the entire test period, while supporting 1000 high definition video surveillance cameras and being subject to a intentionally triggered disk failure that caused a RAID rebuild. This is an extremely impressive level of performance.

The NFD system is certified as a server and storage platform for use with the Milestone XProtect VMS. Integrators and end users designing, installing and operating surveillance systems which incorporate the NFD systems can be confident that the system will record video reliably in healthy conditions and degraded conditions.

Scenarios where this solution would be particularly effective include education, government, casinos, large shopping centers, airports, and any facility where there are 250 to 1000 or more surveillance cameras with a dense distribution. Even more valuable is the fact that the NFD systems and XProtect have been proven to record every frame of video, which is often mandated by regulatory standards.