Rasilient Systems PixelStor5000 Named New Product of the Year for Video Surveillance Data Storage

Santa Clara, CA (September 4, 2018) – Rasilient Systems, Inc., the pioneer in video surveillance systems purposely architected for IP video recording, has won Security Today magazine’s 2018 New Product of the Year Award for Video Surveillance Data Storage.


Rasilient’s PixelStor5000/KDI5.0 received the only New Product of the Year award in the Video Surveillance Data Storage category. Winners will be recognized during a ceremony at the GSX annual security conference in Las Vegas, Sept. 25-27, and will be featured on the Security Today website and in the November/December magazine issue.


“This is the tenth year that we have sponsored the New Product of the Year contest, and each year I am amazed at not only the quality of the products but the intuitive nature behind the development of the products,” said Ralph C. Jensen, editor-in-chief and content director of Security Today. “There is real genius behind the products that have been entered, and I’m pleased that we can help bring this new technology to the forefront of the security industry.”


“We’re honored to be recognized once again this year for our contributions to the security industry,” said Sean Chang, CEO of Rasilient Systems. “Our innovative video surveillance storage and server solutions keep getting attention because they are making a difference in this very important segment of the physical security market. We’re helping our partners achieve better video surveillance which results in better security.”


Purposely architected for video surveillance and analytics applications, the PS5000/KDI5.0 provides unified storage for forensic-grade video recording and AI analytics metadata storage. It is the first storage system which provides uninterrupted video surveillance recording while simultaneously providing metadata to analytics servers. The PS5000 is known for its patented surveillance-optimized cache technology that can scale the video recording to thousands of HD cameras without dropping a single frame of video. Rasilient refers to this level of video quality as “forensic-grade.”


Rasilient’s purpose-built technologies lower OPEX by extending product life expectancy and enabling scheduled maintenance instead of reactive maintenance as systems age. Data loss from multi-drive failures cannot be recovered, even with RAID. KDI5.0 introduces ProactiveTM data protection which uses Rasilient’s AI to distinguish between transient and actual hard drive failures. With transient failures eliminated, unscheduled technician trips are no longer necessary resulting in OPEX savings. ProactiveTM also accurately identifies an about-to-fail drive and proactively clones it. As a result, using large capacity drives is risk-free because the ProactiveTM protection with cloning prevents unrecoverable data loss from simultaneous multi-drive failures and eliminates the need to rebuild drives.


Rasilient is committed to providing video surveillance storage solutions that are flexible, scalable, affordable, and redundant. Small, medium and very large deployments are supported by Rasilient’s products and technologies which have been installed worldwide to protect museums, government institutions, airports, seaports, military contractors, financial institutions, educational establishments, stadiums, and residential complexes. For more information, visit www.rasilient.com.