Rasilient Systems – Building solutions to optimize video surveillance and AI-enabled Security

Artificial Intelligence has begun to impact industries in a big way, but nowhere has the impact been as profound as it has been in the security vertical. New and innovative solutions are being released not just by established security vendors but also by smaller startups. Together, these solutions add value to the security operations of an organization. The use of AI has changed the picture completely through real-time monitoring of the video footage with an intelligent analysis of how security incidents can occur and what needs to be done to prevent them from occurring. Various large IT vendors have come up with AI solutions that can detect unattended objects like bags in airports and public spaces, enabling security agencies to take action before it’s too late. Likewise, AI-enabled surveillance solutions can monitor people moving around in retail stores and identify those who might engage in theft.

Rasilient Systems is one such firm that builds solutions to optimize video surveillance. It provides VMS agnostic purpose-built servers, storage systems, AI appliances, video transmission software, and consulting services that enable you to build the most cost-performance optimized video surveillance solutions. Rasilient enables forensic-grade IP surveillance solutions. The firm streamlines video recording and provides ultra-high quality video while ensuring data integrity and reliability and also understands the importance of capturing all video frames without recording gaps. By reducing causes of latency, it provides users with high-quality surveillance footage. All Rasilient hardware comes pre-loaded with end-users’ preferred video management software. The White Glove service delivers unparalleled support so that integrators can install well designed, plug-and-play solutions. The company’s NFDCloud enables enterprises to deploy private cloud video surveillance solutions, interconnecting their branches across the world with end-to-end forensic-grade video at minimal costs and without the risk of storing this sensitive data in the public cloud.

Revolutionary solutions offered by Rasilient Systems

NFDCloud: Rasilient’s patent-pending unique NFDCloud technology enables the use of commonly available broadband wired or wireless services to send and receive forensic-grade video recordings across continents. The system allows for video recording transmission with no quality degradation over wired and wireless networks with bi-directional packet loss of up to 10%. All transmission is secured with 256-bit encryption and TLS 1.2. NFDStack technology implements OpenStack’s Keystone, Swift, and Horizon modules to provide authentication, authorizations, object storage management, and a graphic user interface for control and management.

Storage: The firm sets the standard for high-performance video storage. The company’s products are purpose-built to excel in high-demand surveillance installations, whatever the deployment be, you can expect optimal performance. StreamAlign® technology significantly reduces disk fragmentation to ensure your system’s performance will not degrade over time. The company’s customized preconfigured systems ensure you get your job up and running in record time once racked, 15 minutes or less without having to call in an IT expert. Rasilient’s patented BusyPlot® technology is a suite of tools used to diagnose storage challenges. This gives your ongoing, long-term, and valuable insights into your system’s conditions to help you find and fix issues quickly before the video is lost. This allows its products to keep pace with the highest megapixel cameras, heaviest camera loads, and the largest solutions.

Powerful Servers: The company’s products are shipped pre-loaded with Operating Systems (OS) and are preconfigured, according to customer specifications, such as RAID and Virtual Disks, making installation and operation a breeze. A wide variety of server options lets you pick the right-size solution for any project. The solutions are built around the latest generation Intel® processors. They can handle even the most demanding megapixel camera deployments from 75 to 2,000 1080p cameras in a single 2U chassis. The web-based, GUI-driven iKVM upgrade kit provides full remote control of server functions. Servers come pre-installed with Teamviewer to provide remote management and diagnostics, enabling swift problem resolution.

Video Surveillance: The ultimate viewing center console for every mission-critical surveillance project is protecting a single building with dual viewing monitors to watching an entire city with a video wall of up to 150 views. The systems come preconfigured with all components, including an operating system, making setup a breeze. The small footprint of the server packs a big punch. It features high-performance new generation Intel® processors with unmatched LAN connectivity; the systems stand up to even the most demanding megapixel camera deployments.

The mastermind behind the glory of Rasilient Systems

Sean Chang is the Co-FounderPresident and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Rasilient Systems. Before starting Rasilient, Sean worked at Lucent, HP, HP Labs, and several startups. His career centers on video and Internet technologies. While at HP and HP Lab, he worked on video on demand and associated MPEG Transport technologies. He also led the development of the LMDS broadband wireless system in Lucent. While at MCNC, he participated in the IETF Video Conferencing work Group, which led to RTSP and SIP protocols.

Mr. Sean has five patents and 20 plus publications in video and broadband. Sean received his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago in 1991.

“The Rasilient solution is a blend of unique and proprietary technologies, working together to give you the best performance in the industry.”

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