Purpose-Built Video Products Deliver Better, More Reliable Surveillance Solutions

Eliminate Bottlenecks in Video Surveillance Operations with SAN Storage and Direct Camera-to-Storage Performance


At Rasilient, we develop products that are purpose-built for video surveillance recording and storage. Video camera and management software developer Bosch has also committed to manufacturing products that are best suited for the complex environment of delivering video surveillance.


Bosch has developed a direct camera-to-storage process that eliminates the “middle man” of the traditional IT infrastructure and delivers video surveillance images directly from the camera to the storage appliance. This reduces the potential for traditional IT processes – the “middle man” – to breakdown, creating a bottleneck and negatively impacting the ability for video surveillance images to reach the server in a timely manner or in some cases at all.


Bosch video surveillance cameras, operating in conjunction with their Video Management Software (VMS), identify the traditional IT “middle man” as a product like a Windows-based NVR, where Windows’ associated NTFS data fragmentation, metadata overhead, anti-virus, firewall, new patches – and a whole host of threats – can contribute to video loss. In an effort to eliminate the threat of this “middle man” from malfunctioning – and taking with it bits and pieces of potentially important video – Bosch developed a direct camera-to-storage architecture. This approach, coupled with Rasilient’s purpose-built storage architected specifically for video surveillance to achieve No Frame Drop (NFD), ensures that all video is recorded and stored.


Although security specialists might continue to recommend IT storage products for video surveillance deployments, Rasilient has worked to educate the market that, in fact, traditional IT storage solutions may do more harm than good when it comes to video surveillance. While it mightseemthat the collection and storage of footage from video surveillance cameras would mimic that of other data used across an IT computer network, it’s not the case. Video surveillance has specific requirements that areverydifferent from IT. This is because video surveillance information primarily deals withvideoand notdata.


To address the precise needs of video surveillance recording and storage, Rasilient began developing and manufacturing Storage Area Network (SAN) products designed specifically for video surveillance which are far superior than traditional IT’s use of Network-Attached Storage (NAS) and NVRs. Video storage has very specific needs and should be equipped with a write focus, large blocks for video streams, the ability to ensure that video frames are never dropped and much more. Traditional IT storage solutions might have an abundance of impressive features like replication and duplication, but they are not needed for video storage.


While Rasilient focuses on providing purpose-built SAN products, this, coupled with Bosch’s direct camera-to-storage architecture produces a powerful combination that ensures No Frame Drop and the end of the IT “middle man” and the potential for bottleneck.


Rasilient has developed a white paper examining the specifics of how a Rasilient storage and Bosch camera and VMS solution works together to eliminate bottlenecks in these NVR and IT storage configurations. Read the full white paper, here: /eliminating-bottlenecks-in-nvr-and-it-storage-an-integrated-rasilient-bosch-solution/