Fairbanks International Airport Upgrades Video Surveillance System with Rasilient Systems

Rasilient is proud to announce that Fairbanks International Airport has upgraded its video surveillance system with the Rasilient forensic-grade series of servers and storage. FIA demands the ultimate in surveillance technology to help protect the thousands of passengers they serve each day.


The major requirements of FIA are scalability, video quality, and reliability. As a result, FIA will have high visibility with Rasilient’s No Frame Drop (NFD) technologies where every frame is recorded and stays recorded for forensic purposes. The FIA system features a highly scalable architecture. As their needs change, both processing power and storage capacity can scale independently ensuring their initial investment is protected from obsolescence.


Here is a statement provided by Fairbanks International Airport on their new Rasilient solution:


“We were looking to upgrade our multi-camera airside and landside video surveillance system to enhance our visibility and our storage capabilities at the airport here in Fairbanks, Alaska. We reviewed technology from other manufactures of cameras, video management and storage. When the airport design team reviewed our need for a robust and scalable storage system with Rasilient Systems, they guided us in the right direction and helped us choose the right storage system to meet our needs today as well as provide scalability for our future needs. The customer and technical support at Rasilient are awesome. We are really very happy with the new airport forensic enabled storage system.”

Dana Bowen C.M

Fairbanks International Airport (FIA)


Small, medium to very large deployments are supported by Rasilient’s products and technologies, and they have been deployed worldwide to protect museums, government institutions, airports, seaports, military contractors, financial institutions, educational establishments, stadiums, and residential complexes. If your company requires the ultimate video surveillance server and forensic storage protection at competitive prices, please contact Rasilient’s sales team at sales@rasilient.com. You can also come see Rasilient’s technologies in person at the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) Conference and Exposition April 15-18, 2018 in San Diego, CA, Booth #129.