Do you have recording gaps?

According to research conducted by IPVM, missing video/recording gaps is one of the biggest issues facing video surveillance integrators. Recording gaps are a huge issue and most people don’t realize they have them until it’s too late. Often times, users don’t realize there is missing video until they go back to find a specific clip and see there are recording gaps.

There have been some famous cases of this happening. On January 11, 2013, 17-year-old Kendrick Johnson was found dead in a rolled-up wrestling mat in his high school gym. Since 2013, the case has gone in and out of court. Some believe Kendrick was murdered while others believe his death was an accident. What would have been one of the most useful pieces of evidence ended up leaving everyone with more questions. Surveillance footage from the school gym was released, but recording gaps and blurry footage make it impossible to tell how Kendrick ended up in the wrestling mat (source).

Another famous case is the death of Sandra Bland in Waller County jail, Texas. Sandra was found dead in her jail cell on July 13, 2015. There is a nine-minute gap in recording making it unclear how Sandra died. It is still debated whether the recording gaps are due to motion-activated cameras or something else. There are a lot of suspicious details in the case of Sandra Bland and many deficiencies in the Waller County jail leading many to believe the missing footage was caused by something else (source).

These are just two of the many cases involving missing video surveillance footage. In these cases, like so many others, no one knew there were recording gaps until they actually needed to access the recorded footage.

Give yourself peace-of-mind and ensure your surveillance environment has no recording gaps with Rasilient’s No Frame Drop (NFD™) system. Our purpose-built technologies allow you to use Forensic-Grade IP video surveillance. We demand the ultimate surveillance quality and reliability from our products to protect your organization’s interests.

  1. Our equipment is designed to record everything that is passed on to our system with no recording gaps.
  2. Our system has information integrity. We make sure that everything recorded stays recorded.
  3. We protect your investment with scalable architecture. As your needs change, more storage capacity and processing power can be added independently to your existing storage structure.

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