NFDHybrid Cloud

A Trust-No-One, Open, Hybrid Cloud Recording Service

NFDHybrid Cloud is a VMS/VSaaS-agnostic, video-recording service to both local storage and a public cloud via NFDLink. The high-speed upload to the cloud will work over wired, cellular, or satellite Internet without compromising the recorded videos in any way. The redundant recording is further enhanced with flexible retention and PrivateLok encryption with its user-controlled encryption key.

Features and Benefits

Cyber Secure Recording & Transmission
PrivateLok adds ultimate zero-trust security by providing user-controlled, zero-knowledge encryption. All transmission is secured with 256-bit encryption and TLS 1.3.
Simple, Predictable Low Cost
Our subscription-based pricing bundles edge NVR hardware, cybersecurity, reliable transmission, as well as secure cloud storage. The per-camera pay-as-you-go pricing model is predictable, provides flexible retention, and solves the challenges of fluctuating and daunting storage costs.
Reliable Video Transmission
Patent-pending NFDLink enables video recording transmission at throughputs tested to 700 Mbps from California to the East coast, with no dropped frames or quality degradation over wired or wireless networks.
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View the health of your system at a glance. The NFDLink GUI is your No Frame Loss monitoring tool.

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