Zero 6 Mall

Rasilient Systems Provides Video Surveillance Server and Storage for UAE’s New Zero 6 Mall

Santa Clara, CA (August 13, 2018) – Rasilient Systems, Inc., the pioneer in video surveillance systems purposely architected for IP video recording, has been chosen to provide video surveillance server and storage solutions for Zero 6 Mall, the impressive new-generation shopping destination that opened in April this year in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Zero 6 is a 16,000 square-metre complex that offers a diverse selection of dining, retail and entertainment attractions. Strategically located in Al Juraina, in close proximity to prominent city landmarks like University City and Sharjah International Airport, Zero 6 celebrates Sharjah’s evolving lifestyle community experience.

“Security is always the top concern in designing and developing a popular tourist and resident destination like Zero 6 Mall. Rasilient is honored to have been chosen to help secure this impressive and unique facility,” said Sean Chang, CEO of Rasilient Systems.

Rasilient worked with UAE-based system integrator Exceed Communications, LLC, on the Zero 6 Mall project. Exceed Communications is a leading provider of IT infrastructure and security system needs including network design, installation and management and video surveillance and IPTV systems. Video surveillance at Zero 6 is managed by SeeTec Video Management Software (VMS). An OnSSI Company, SeeTec is one of the leading solution providers for video surveillance in Europe.

“Video surveillance storage is critical for security point of view and we are fortunate to have the services of Rasilient Systems, which is a trusted name for unmatched data integrity and storage reliability,” said Issa Ataya, Managing Director, Alef Group.

 “Zero 6 Mall is a one-stop destination in Sharjah that appeals more to a new generation as it’s a premier lifestyle-oriented place. We are confident that Rasilient Systems will provide the most innovative and state-of-the-art technology for Zero 6 Mall,” Ataya said.

Rasilient provided video surveillance storage for Zero 6 that offers unmatched data integrity, storage reliability and scalability to address future growth. Rasilient’s purpose-built technologies lower CAPEX and OPEX by extending product life expectancy and enabling scheduled maintenance instead of reactive maintenance as systems age. The video surveillance system in place at the mall provides petabytes of storage using Rasilient’s fully redundant ApplianceStor AS85R Server and PS5000 Rackmount IP Storage.

Rasilient’s ApplianceStor AS85R is a modular server system which packs four high performance server modules in a single 2U rack mount platform providing unmatched performance and density. Each module can be used to integrate VMS, failover, archive, administration and access control servers in a single high density 2U system. The AS85R significantly reduces cost over a separate VMS server, reduces cabling and the ordeal of integrating VMS, OS, commodity server and storage.

Because the AS85R is ideally suited for use in conjunction with Rasilient’s PS5000 Rackmount IP storage, the Zero 6 project also utilizes the PS5000.

Rasilient’s PS5000 Rackmount IP storage provides a simple-to-use, high performance, and large capacity video surveillance solution. The purpose-built storage array is optimized for high performance megapixel and large video surveillance installations – both key characteristics of the video solution used at the Zero 6 Mall. Rasilient’s patented advanced video caching technology – VAN®, FlowThrough®, StreamAlign® – enables no recording gaps and data locking and increases read/write performance. This allows the capability of using both high resolution megapixel cameras and heavy camera loads.

With Rasilient’s video surveillance storage solutions, every single camera frame is processed and recorded – which is essential for the variety of mall security scenarios that might call for video retrieval. The Rasilient system is also engineered to monitor its own “health” and operations to ensure that the system doesn’t fail when it’s most needed. This Proactive™ technology monitors the health of every disc drive in the system to enable cloning right before an actual drive failure.

Zero 6 Mall is just one of many projects Rasilient has completed in the UAE and surrounding areas over the last few years, said Chang.

“With the successful implementation of quality and reliable video surveillance solutions for projects like Zero 6, Rasilient continues its growth in the very important Middle East market,” he added.