Dubai Global Village

Rasilient Systems Provides Video Surveillance Storage for Dubai’s Global Village – The ‘World’s Largest’ Shopping & Entertainment Spot

Santa Clara, CA (August 16, 2018) –Rasilient Systems, Inc., the pioneer in video surveillance systems purposely architected for IP video recording, has been chosen to provide video surveillance storage solutions for Global Village Dubai, billed as the “world’s largest” tourism, leisure, shopping and entertainment project.

Now entering its 21st season, Global Village Dubai is the Middle East’s first family multicultural festival park. The attraction entertains more than 5.3 million guests each season and has more than $2.2 billion AED in business transactions ($599 million American dollars). From November through April each year, Global Village Dubai visitors enjoy a shopping experience in more than 30 pavilions, 120-plus kiosks and two dozen restaurants and cafes throughout the season’s 159 days of operation.

“With more than five million visitors each year, Global Village Dubai required a solution that delivered high quality video recording and reliability,” said Sean Chang, CEO of Rasilient Systems. “At Rasilient, we are honored to have been chosen to provide a very important element of the overall security solution at Global Village Dubai. We designed our purpose-built video surveillance storage solutions for projects just like this.”

“Our successful partnership with Rasilient means that we understand individual market demands, ensuring that we exceed expectations,” said Dr Mohammad Alketbi CEO of Forceis.

“When it comes to security solutions, we believe that quality counts. A 24/7 system availability can only be achieved through a robust and dynamic solution.”

Rasilient partnered with Forceis Integrated Security Systems, a leading system integrator, to provide state of art security operation for Global Village Dubai. Forceis is an innovative forward-thinking organization that provides market-leading expertise around Physical Security Integration Services in the United Arab Emirates. The video surveillance cameras at Global Village Dubai are managed by Milestone’s XProtect Corporate Video Management Software (VMS). Rasilient is a Milestone Systems Certified Solution Partner and together the companies have partnered in a number of successful video surveillance deployments, particularly in the growing Middle East region.

“Global Village is pleased with the products and services Forceis Integrated Security Systems Offers. We have been extremely satisfied with the support provided by the technical staff and the professionalism throughout the company,” said Mansoor Salem, Senior Security Manager of Global Village. “The stability and resiliency of the Rasilient solution is impressive. System uptime is crucial to our business and we’ve had zero outages since we installed Rasilient. We are confident in our ability to rapidly scale our IT infrastructure no matter what size of customer now walks through the door.”

The video surveillance storage solution used at Global Village Dubai includes six Rasilient ApplianceStor 74 Rack high performance VMS storage servers that provide 100TB of storage. Rasilient’s ApplianceStor 74 Rack mount integrates VMS and storage into a simple-to-use, high performance video surveillance server solution. This eliminates the cost of a separate VMS server, significantly reducing cabling as well as the challenges of integrating VMS, OS, commodity server and storage.

With Rasilient’s video surveillance storage solutions, every single camera frame is processed and recorded – what’s referred to as No Frame Drop – which is essential with the variety of security scenarios at Global Village Dubai that might call for video retrieval, said Chang. The ApplianceStor 74 is engineered to monitor its own “health” and operations to ensure that the system doesn’t fail when it’s most needed. This Proactive™ technology monitors the health of every disc drive in the system to enable cloning right before an actual drive failure.

Global Village Dubai joins the list of the many projects Rasilient has completed in the UAE and surrounding areas over the last few years including the Zero 6 Mall that opened in April in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.