Built for surveillance. Engineered for peace of mind.

When it comes to video surveillance, there’s no room for error. That’s why we build equipment specifically for the intense data demands of the industry. And with Rasilient, you don’t just get best-in-class equipment. You get a commitment to continuous innovation and unparalleled support for the life of your project.

Built for
Unmatched performance

Advanced caching and patented technologies mean virtually zero lost frames.

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Built for
Long-term visibility

Built-in diagnostic tools make it easier to keep equipment running smoothly for the long haul.

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Built for
24/7 reliability

Lower drive failure rate means less downtime and decreased maintenance costs.

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Rasilient in action

From massive, 2200-camera projects to smaller jobs with a few dozen,
Rasilient’s storage, server, and viewer and admin server solutions keep your clients protected and secure.

Photo by: Ethan Bloch

Oakland Raiders Coliseum

A state-of-the art system delivered in hall-of-fame time


Photo by: Gabriel Jorby

Louvre Museum

Security for the Abu Dhabi location of the world’s most prestigious museum


photo by: Eduardo Zárate

Chilean Mint

Protecting Chile’s economy,
one peso at a time


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Ready to lock up your next project?

Dig into our full line of video storage, server and viewing and admin products that secure the most bang for your client’s buck.

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