Westgate Resorts — Private Cloud: NFDCloud

“… Westgate Resorts in demonstrating the ability of Rasilient’s NFDCloud technologies to link our video surveillance cameras to a central private cloud storage… In the demonstration, we successfully connected Forty – Eight (48) cameras located in Florida to your private NFDStack located in Santa Clara, California. We were very impressed by the speed of the video transfer from coast to coast over the Internet and the quality of the video transferred. Over a period of three (3) weeks, there was not a single frame dropped in the transfer process proving Rasilient’s claim of no video degradation.

I am personally impressed of how the NFDLink was able to utilize the available bandwidth, and at times, would transfer at a rate of 500 Mbps. The fact that our network didn’t experience any issues with our bandwidth was incredible!

Westgate Resorts is actively working with Rasilient and engineers to provide a private cloud storage that will hold all recordings of our video surveillance, that consists of over one thousand four hundred (1,400) cameras located in forty ( 40) different locations across the country to our Head Quarters in Florida.”