The real-time detection and identification of

anomalies helps you see what matters, first.

Stands out across these five applications and beyond

Features & Benefits


Patented No-Frame-Drop Technology

With NFD technology combined with real-time behavior analytics, you will have the peace-of-mind that your video will always be there and you will never miss any potentially dangerous behavior


Real-Time Notifications of

Security hazards, aggressive behaviors, anti-social behaviors, suspicious behaviors, public safety risks, health & personal risk, irregular vehicle movement, precursor events and more


Available in 3 Different Configurations

Depending on configuration, each appliance can support 50 to 300 cameras


Benefits Numerous Different Industries

 Any industry from banking, casinos and retail to smart cities, campuses and warehouses can benefit from Rasilient Vision





AI computer vision and machine learning technology analyzes objects, edges, contrast, motion,

direction, and speed and identifies anomalous events before they escalate







Sees undesirable and abnormal events first. Auto learning and

adapting to change – non rules based in real-time and at scale






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