VMS-Agnostic Video Surveillance Cloud Platform for Enterprises

Rasilient’s patent-pending NFDCloud is a vms-agnostic, open-platform cloud video surveillance system suited for mutli-branch enterprises with surveillance cameras in each branch.

Features & Benefits


Minimal broadband requirements

NFDLink enables the use of commonly available broadband or wireless services to send video recordings.



NFDStack is an OpenStack based object storage system using Rasilient’s award winning NFD servers and storage systems.


Reliable transmission

Send video recordings with no degradation over networks with bi-directional packet loss of up to 10% and 100 ms end-to-end latency.


Secure recording transmission

NFDStack implements OpenStack’s Keystone and Swift services to provide authentication, authorizations and object storage management.



VMS-agnostic system supporting all available VMS.


Simple & cost-effective

Because the products are built to be administered by staff with basic to no storage knowledge, your client will save money now—and in the future.


High performance drives built for video

Get unmatched reliability and performance with video class hard drives designed for the intense demands of surveillance.


Ultra-high data integrity and reliability

Fully redundant highly scalable centralized storage system.


Automatic drive repair

Self-healing capabilities automatically repair failed drives without intervention by the administrator, reducing drive failure rate up to 70%, significantly reducing OPEX and helping eliminate the risk of losing critical video.

Consolidated storage

Get significantly lower purchase, CAPEX and OPEX costs through storage consolidation for NVR/DVRs.



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