Casa de la Moneda (Chilean Mint)

Casa de la Moneda (Mint)

Casa de la Moneda (Mint)
Santiago, Chile

Protecting the wealth of Chile by securing its central monetary agency



With so many pesos at risk, the Mint needed a reliable system to replace their untrustworthy one, but didn’t have a big budget.


Viewing & Admin Servers:
• 2 AS65s

Recording Servers:
• 2 AS80 quads
• 1 AS30

• 4 PS3000 IPSAN
• 2 PS5000s
• 4 PS324e
• 18 PS100e (storage expansion)


With a complete Rasilient system, we were able to give them the best performance for the best price, and the results have been so positive, we’re now working with the Mint on a second phase of the project.

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Newly minted coins protected

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